Post-Benghazi: The Immigrant Menace

Conservatives, suddenly mum on Benghazi, are now big on border crime. A border agent was allegedly killed by two illegals. Whether they were carrying diseases, or drugs, has not been disclosed. This is faintly reminiscent of another border killing a year ago, in which a rancher died. News organizations that have no news and plenty of imagined enemies make these into top stories. It breeds a nice dose of fear, and keeps viewers tuned in for more details.

Most murders are intra-racial. We have a tendency to kill our own kind. 84% of whites are murdered by whites, and almost 93% of blacks are murdered by other blacks. Some of this is simple geography. You tend to kill in your community.

Creating headlines that suit your perspective is shit-journalism. Everyone does it to an extent. Some better than others. 14,827 murders were committed in the US last year. We are number one in developed countries for murders. That is the real story.


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