President Bannon

Talk is beginning to focus on the apparent winner of the battle for Donald Trump’s ear, and that winner appears to be Steve Bannon. That stinks for the government, and for America. Donald Trump is the ultimate delegator, a man who has little interest in the day-to-day operation of the government. Solution? Bring in a driven ideologue committed to upending the entire system, and give him free rein.

Bannon is not a Republican.

Steve Bannon is a vicious libertarian, determined that the best solution for this democracy is to destroy all of the elements that have gone into its making over the last century. Those would be programs like the EPA, HHS, Education, and Energy. Does it now make sense why the appointees of these departments are solidly against the departments they will soon run? It may be the intent of this administration to run these departments into the ground. They are off to a good start.

While he is at it, the Republican Party has never been a favorite of Steve Bannon. Some of the tit-wringing that seems to be unplanned is very well-planned, indeed. Bannon has enemies everywhere, and those in the GOP need to beware.

Bannon is a Catholic

Libertarians don’t usually have deep religious beliefs, but in this case, we are talking about a guy who grew up in a house full of democrats who were Catholic. Where did they go wrong? God only knows, but Steve is also a vicious right-to-lifer, who hates Planned Parenthood. Does he go to mass every week? Does he go to confession? How long does it take?

Goldman Sachs

Yet another alumni from the Goldman Sachs stable. In case you were wondering how so many former employees became part of this administration, this may explain why. The best thing about draining the Washington swamp is that you get to fill the same swamp with your guys. That is not exactly what Donald Trump led us to believe, but there it is. The financial reins are solidly in their hands.

We are at war

Stave Bannon is clear about his belief with regard to China and Islam. We are at war with Islam. We will be at war with China. It is just a matter of time. And Iran? Who knows what is going on in the mind of Bannon. That may be the reason we are seeing so many hard-line generals taking the reins of defense and intelligence communities.

Who will fight these wars? Your kids come to mind. It bears repeating that we are at war with Islam. There are 1.6 billion Muslims and we cannot be at war with the entire religion. It also bears repeating that we would be foolish to rattle swords with our trading partner, China. This will force them to arm, and they have plenty of money to do just that.


The Anti Defamation League has rolled out against Bannon being a member of the Trump administration, although it is unclear if there is any proof of his anti-semitic beliefs. Comments that indicate such came out of a bitter divorce. He was also charged with domestic violence, but who knows, the charges were dropped. Does he hate Jews? Probably no more than he hates anyone else. Fact is, if you read Breitbart, aka ‘BreitFarts’, there is a lot of hate to go around.  This is an alt-right rag, full of bullshit innuendoes, and faux news. And that makes Bannon’s hold on Donald Trump the most disturbing aspect of this yucky relationship.

The Alt-Right President?

When the man voters selected to run the country has not interest in running the country, men like Steve Bannon are waiting to roll up their sleeves and get the job done. But when the man who was elected to run the country has no idea how to go about this, men like Steve Bannon become the defacto leader, and that seems to be what is happening right now.