Private Emails Are Just That

Private emails are just that. Private. Not for public consumption, not for Trey Gowdy, not for election fodder. They are private. Any laws or policies that say otherwise are bunk. The NSA should not have them. The nitwits in Congress should not have them. The nitwits in Congress should not be allowed to have pets, or drive cars. They certainly should not be allowed to read private emails. They nitwits in Congress are not that trustworthy.

In private emails, you say things about family and friends and coworkers that you would not want others to share. It is a dumb thing to do, and we have all found ourselves apologizing for the stupidity of sharing private thoughts. Ask anyone at Sony.

The other thing about private emails is that email was never meant to be secure, and that is a real problem. Ask anyone at Sony. Private thoughts should be kept private. Ask any high school girl about her diary.

But there are times when you cannot keep your private thoughts to yourself. Share them at your peril. Ask anyone, well, you know.

Hillary Clinton should never turn one page of her private emails over to anyone. In doing so she imperils private email for everyone. We are dealing with that right now. In giant servers at the NSA, and in giant servers in other countries at their nasty little versions of the NSA, your private emails are safely stored, and not so private. That is a shame. And it should be a crime.