Liz and Dick. And Mary?

Willful Wyoming women will disagree, and Cheney women are no exception. Mary and Liz have an issue, one that the most of the rest of the country made peace with long ago. But strong prairie women are unbending. Especially if they are running for election. In Wyoming.

Wyoming, where men are men, and sheep are nervous, cause strong, willful, prairie women are scarce, I guess. Land of Draft Dodger Dick, former high school wrestler turned neo-conservative. Land of guns and independence. Of ranchers and very few wolves and coyotes, cause behind every successful man is a firearm. Land of Enzi, a  humble and proud conservative, who rose from shoe store owner to Senator in a career that has been deemed by many as one of the most conservative in the Senate.

Enter Dick the crusher, two time Yale flunky from Lincoln, five time draft deferrer from VietNam, and, can you believe it, Secretary of Defense? Is this a great country or what?

And Dick begat Liz and Mary. Liz had a storied career in government. Four years at state. Big whoop. Mary got married. Unfortunately for Liz, to a girl. And there the story begins.

Liz and Dick, not to be confused with the famed dysfunctional couple, hit the road on the hunt for, you guessed it, Mike Enzi’s job. After all, the man is practically a Trotskyite.

But in order to do this, Liz has to distance herself from, yep, Mary. Well, Mary is no wall-flower. The mules in Wyoming kick hard, and Mary kicked back when Liz, groveling for votes in a race where she is down double digits,  told the sheep-molesting farmers in Wyoming that gay was not the way.

So here we are. Liz, a Fox News nobody with very little to say, and Mary, who isn’t going to put up with her shit, just so she can get elected.

Thanksgiving at the Cheney mansion is going to be a hoot. They should invite Mike Enzi. Dick can take him out for a little bird hunting. Probably the only chance Liz has.