Rand Paul Campaigns for 10 hours straight

“My voice is rapidly leaving, my bedtime has long since passed”

Rand Paul stayed up late to protect your freedom. Then his feet hurt and he had to go home. It was not a filibuster. It was a fili-fundraiser. It was not Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. It was not even Ted Cruz Makes An Ass Of Himself. And it certainly never came close to Strom Thurmond’s record 24 hour and 18 minute filibuster against civil rights legislation.

Yes, Rand Paul fought for your vote for a whopping 10 hours and 31 minutes.
He wanted to stand out from the madding crowd of fellow GOP office seekers. He wanted to make it known that he was contender. He wanted to fill his campaign coffers. It was a publicity stunt, and nothing more. A ten-hour campaign swing. Whoopee.