Rand Paul learns about moral hazard

In business and in investing, moral hazard is affectionately known as ‘swinging them over the fence,’ a rather uncultured way of saying that you have skin in the game. In other words, you could get your balls cut off if you make the wrong decision.

The opposite of moral hazard is when you have no skin in the game, and you can go back to your comfortable job in the Senate if you run for President and get the crap beat out of you.

Your supporters have all the skin in the game. You win no matter what happens. Which is why many states don’t allow you to run for two offices in the same election, and this is where Rand Paul sits, squirms rather, because he loses two jobs if he runs in 2016 and does not win. After living in the limelight, the thought of going back to selling glasses for a living must be blood curdling.

Solution? Well, there is none. And perhaps that is as it should be. If you don’t have the fire in your belly, don’t run.

However, there is just one little problem–his home state of Kentucky does not allow a candidate to appear on two separate ballots in the same election.

via Kentucky Democrats Kill Rand Pauls Plan To Run For President And Senate Simultaneously.

So Rand must sweat this one out, until he can convince the Democratic House in Kentucky to let him run two campaigns. It should be lots of fun to watch this one.