Rand Paul’s Unholy Alliance

Calling a bipartisan effort to prevent the nation from going into default an ‘unholy alliance’, Senator Rand Paul decided to raise his presidential campaign from the dead in another bizarre spectacle that serves no purpose. His presidential hopes are still quite dead, and the business of the nation has once again suffered under his guidance.

This close to Halloween, we can only guess what other sick kicks the Senator from Kentucky has in mind. Certainly a lump of coal for every boy and girl, and a copy of Atlas Shrugged. Certainly not working across the aisle to make this country whole again. That would be unholy, the word he used to convince the raw meat Republicans to vote for him, and that any attempt at working together with the Democrats is an admission of failure.

That is not the way this government works, and is exactly why government is not working. We send people to Washington to do the work of the country; to get things done, and make government work. The Freedom Caucus does not get that. Libertarians think compromise is surrender. The Tea Party thinks it is fighting to free the country from the shackles of tyranny. There is too much Howard Roark in Washington. For God’s sake, lighten up.

The Republic cannot work with members who believe such nonsense. Sending representatives to Washington to defeat government is probably the single most dangerous thing people can do to harm this country. It is not the debt, or Social Security. It is not the liberal socialist agenda, whatever that is. It is the fundamental belief that government can and must be destroyed in order to save our way of life. It is an absurd belief, nurtured by politicians who are more dangerous than any terrorist group we face.