The real message voters sent in 2014

Every spin-doctor on the planet has their take on the 2o14 elections. Her is another for your consideration.  The voters in the 2014 election were sending a message the Tea Party sent years ago. I don’t like this. I wanna go back to when I was young, and America was the only game on the planet. I want an America that leads the world, and that no one messes with. I want strength, and youth, and vitality. I want to be number one again.

I’m Afraid

  • Global terror is threatening our very existence. Even when the cause is clearly schizophrenia, the heads all bleat about the Muslim menace, coming to a town near you.

Every time a schizophrenic becomes violent, the press screams terrorist. This is not true. They are schizophrenic.

  • Russia is out of control.

Vlad the Narcissist has become the Great Satan, when Fox News Pundits are not praising his ‘shoot first’ stupidity. Vlad is a dangerous clown, to Europe anyway. To the US he is an irritant. To his countrymen, he is a liability. With luck, he will disappear himself. If we continue to harass him, we are playing his game.

  • Iran is going to blow up the world.

Iran wants nuclear weapons for the same reason Israel and Pakistan, and North Korea have them. No one messes with a nuclear nation. Iran has no desire to nuke the US. It would be insane. If you wish to keep Iran from having nuclear weapons, start by removing them from the area entirely. The only reason Iran wants nuclear weapons is because Israel has nuclear weapons.

 I’m broke

  • Wages are stagnant

Wages are stagnant because there are more workers than jobs. There are fewer jobs because business has become more efficient. They became more efficient to compete with countries that have cheap labor. You don’t want the jobs they have, and no matter what politicians tell you, those jobs are not coming back here. A workforce that is re-trained to perform higher paying jobs is the only solution, and that takes time, and a lot of effort.

  • I am still upside down in my mortgage

Both parties fell for the Deregulation Scam, and the lack of regulations created a boom in housing. All booms bust, and you are in a doozy. You knew that when you started sucking money out of the equity in your home. Deal with it.

  • I can’t party like it’s 1999

Because you spent all of that in the heydays of  the early 2000’s. Remember all that equity you used to go to Disney World? I hope you had a great time.

I’m concerned about our direction

  • The malls are going dark

The age of consumerism was only possible if the middle class had discretionary funds to spend at malls. They spent it. So the stores began to close, and when they did, the malls began to close. And then the jobs at those stores were not there anymore, and your kid could not find a job for the summer. And those stores in the malls were begun as small businesses, which employed many other people who are also out of a job. The malls are dark indeed. You quit going there.

  • My company is not hiring

Your company cannot afford to hire more people, or they get the job done elsewhere, or they have relocated and left you jobless. Welcome to the global economy, where anyone can compete with small businesses in the US.

  • Junior graduated, but he can’t find a job

Time for junior to accept the awful truth; from now on when you start college, you better major in a field that is hiring. Junior needs to think not about where his interests lie, but where he can find meaningful employment.

I’m concerned about our society

  • My pastor says public schools will make my kids gay

Public schools won’t make your kids gay any more than churches will make them religious. You pastor is an idiot. Quit giving him money.

  • Our government is bloated

Actually, it is smaller than it has been in a decade. Less government is not better, more efficient government is better. Government is not the problem. Bad government is the problem.

  • Our debt will destroy us

Austerity was tried in Europe with disastrous consequences. Yes, debt is a real concern. A greater concern is competition. We are making great strides in energy independence. We need to make even greater strides in creating a workforce that can compete for jobs. We need to export things made here.

  • We are out of control

An absurd idea fashioned by fear mongers. Stop listening to nonsense.

What voters were trying to say on November 4th is that they are afraid. This is a new era in the US, one that requires a unity that we do not possess. In past times of crisis, the American people banded together and worked as a team. We are as divisive now as we have ever been. The economy is changing in ways that we have not seen since we emerged from an agrarian society. The culture is evolving. Gay men and women are expressing their desire to emerge from the darkness and be acknowledged. The Arab Spring is just a small part of a global change in cultural norms. We are evolving, and that is never an easy event.

The new congress will not have any answers that will calm the voters. In fact, voters will be disappointed to hear the same fighting over the same subjects, none of which seem to address the real issues. There is no easy fix to this. We cannot go back. And while we argue amongst ourselves about incandescent light-bulbs, and individual freedoms, the smart countries are getting positioned for greater growth and economic dominance. Do you want to know a secret? We won’t be defeated militarily. We will defeat ourselves.