Reince Priebus – Insert Foot In Party

The GOP have a problem. They have nothing to say, and cannot shut up. Reince Priebus is the latest to gabfest his way onto the front pages, saying that if the GOP lost this presidential election, the party would be ‘cooked’.

Given that the current leader in the fight to win back the White House might as well have a circus entourage follow him everywhere, and the most reasonable person cannot get out of single digits, I think it is safe to say Reince has a cooking problem. The pot is boiling.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton sounds better and looks better with every passing day. The pitiful meanderings of Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi gang have been shown for what they are, a political hack job that will be forgotten in November of next year; maybe even in November of this one. She is talking like a woman who understands what people want, and is making promises that make her appear as her own woman. This is not a politician crashing in an ideological tailspin, what the GOP appears to be at this moment.

So, with no real plan to do anything except fight for the unrestricted access to as many guns as you want, a health care plan that solves nothing, and not even the merest mention of jobs, the GOP has not very much to talk about; but my, how they drone on. They talk about cooked parties, and committees that have no purpose. They tell old folks that they will get over cuts to social programs. Then they curl around the leg of the NRA like a cat who hasn’t eaten in days. It’s not a message. It’s not a platform. It’s almost a warning to the American people. We have no idea what we are doing.

Only Donald Trump can stay on message these days, because he has no message. Listen to any speech and you come away with not one shred of a platform. He doesn’t have one, and that has him at the top of the heap. Little wonder Jeb Bush cannot get any traction. No one on the right wants to hear real solutions, especially when Jeb trots out the same old unworkable ones that Mitt Romney tried to pawn off on the the great un-washed.

It’s a tough patch. You can’t say anything, and you can’t shut up. And the pot is beginning to boil over.