Rick Perry Exits

Every long-shot candidate for president believes that a single spark can ignite a campaign that goes all the way. Unfortunately for the Republicans this campaign season, that spark was vitriol and bombast, uttered by showman with a narcissistic personality disorder. And that showman was not Rick Perry. We bid him adieu, as he formally exits the race he barely entered. He had little choice. Donald Trump is sucking all the air out of the room. Someone was bound to expire.

Glasses don’t make you look smart if you open your mouth and nothing interesting comes out. The voters remembered Rick Perry four years ago, when he disappointed a lot of them. He thought brass was all he needed, and until the questions got hard, it was. Which is why the Donald is still on top.

Rick was just the first in a long parade of quitters. The next debate may see others exit. No one wanted to be first, so in some small way, Perry has opened the door for others, and has done so at a fortuitous time. Dragging fifteen howling politicians on the trail for too long will only hurt the front-runners. The herd must be culled. One down.