Round them up, and put them in boxcars

There is something sick about the very idea of putting people in boxcars, considering their previous use to manage human populations.

What is even more chilling is that there are people out there who advocate rounding up 11 million people and throwing them out of the country. That was also a tactic used to cleanse a population in World War I.
Can you imagine the logistics of such an idea? Can they? Or the suffering that would result?

How does one reach that level of hatred for another person?

By the use of propaganda.

Mr. Boehner urged patience, saying there was a “narrow path” to get something done, despite opposition in his party from what Republican aides call the “boxcars crowd,” a reference to conservative members who favor deportation for most of the 11 million.

via Boxcar Conservatives | Crooks and Liars.