Rubio Quits And Nothing Changes

Marco. Rubio!

Marco Rubio suspended his campaign after being trounced by Donald Trump. He claimed he ran on a positive message, but the voters aren’t very positive these days. Rubio talked like a tough hawk on foreign policy to an American public that is tired of rattling sabres at people who don’t seem to care. He tried to solve the immigration problem, but the voters don’t want a solution; they want a wall. He tried to be an outsider who would usher in a new American century, but he didn’t show up for work much, and in the eyes of people who are working two jobs and earning less, that did not endear him to anyone. A tearful Rubio said this was God’s plan, but the truth is, it was his campaign’s poor understanding of the voters. Verily I say unto you, God’s work must be truly be our own.

The Donald

Voters opted for the angry man, who promises them candy, and the world a good beating with a stick. They came out of the voting booths saying the same things they have been saying since Donald Trump started this circus act. Donald will fix what is broken in Washington. He thinks like I do. He will keep out foreigners. He will bitch-slap the Chinese. All the factories will open back up, and we will all make good wages again. All lies, of course, but the voters like being lied to, and at least Donald Trump lies about things that they care about. Marco Rubio did not ever do that.


Rafael Cruz

Ted Cruz continues to worm his way solidly  into second place, with very little hope of that ever changing. The more he attacks Donald Trump, the more Trump supporters become enabled. Cruz was the non-story last night, no thrilling upsets, just a man stuck in second thinking he will be first any day now. Cruz often mentions his wins against the Donald; he better hurry up and win some more.

John Kasich

Kasich finally won one, his home state, a feat Marco Rubio did not even come close to achieving. No matter, Cruz and Kasich only have a brokered convention to hope for, and that will split the party. To make matters worse, an interloper may have emerged. Paul Ryan hinted that he might be interested in being the party’s nominee. The Democrats must be licking their chops at the lot of them.


Hillary and Bernie

The Hillary machine continues to rack up delegates, while Bernie Sanders misses the mark in the rust-belt states that should have given him wins like Michigan. It did not happen. Hillary has spent the better part of two years getting ready for this run. Her ground game is the best out there. Now if she can only stay one step ahead of the dirty coppers, this one could be in the bag.

For a race that has been so full of excitement, nothing has really changed. The Trump campaign continues to thrill. The Clinton campaign continues to do it right, and the rest fumble around trying to figure out how to avoid the inevitable.