The Ryan budget fantasy

“Washington owes the American people a responsible, balanced budget,” 

which is correct. The devil is in the details, of which there are none in Mr. Ryan’s plan:

  • Repeal Obamacare and replace it with an imaginary net-neutral plan. That saves 2 trillion. The problem is, there is no plan. So we assume everyone just quits using the healthcare system.
  • Turn Medicaid and food stamps into block grants. This accomplishes nothing, unless you feel it is better for the states to feed the poor, rather than for the federal government to help them. Either way, money comes from somewhere, or nowhere.
  • Add 50 billion a year to defense, because they cannot account for  the money we give them now, and they spend it on so many good things.
  • Change Medicare into pay for play. Somehow this will lessen the impact of all those baby-boomers retiring. We have no idea how, and apparently neither does Paul Ryan.

“By paying down the debt, the federal government will help keep interest rates low, which will spur greater investment and productivity”

Interest rates are already zero. What is Paul Ryan trying to fix? Not the debt, nor the economy. He’s trying to push a libertarian philosophy that never worked, and end a modest social agenda that could work, if only neoconservatives would quit trying to destroy it.

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