Schumer Challenges Trump on Health Care Plan — TIME

After eight years of repeal and replace, the rubber hits the road and the GOP is jolted into reality. They face opposition in their own party from both ends of the spectrum. The hard right calls this bill a betrayal of principles, while the other side says it is a betrayal of working Americans, especially the old and the poor, in an attempt to give the wealthiest of us a tax cut. No solution will satisfy them both.
That makes Chuck Shumer’s offer like salt in a fresh wound to the GOP leadership.

This from Time Magazine

One day after Senate Republicans delayed a vote on their controversial healthcare reform bill, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer challenged President Donald Trump to convene a meeting of the entire chamber to discuss the matter. “We Democrats are genuinely interested in finding a place where our two parties can come together on healthcare,” said Schumer on…

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