Second Amendment Tyranny Freaks

Ted Cruz gives the blessing?

Ted Cruz gives the blessing?

“The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution isn’t for just protecting hunting rights, and it’s not only to safeguard your right to target practice. It is a Constitutional right to protect your children, your family, your home, our lives, and to serve as the ultimate check against governmental tyranny — for the protection of liberty,”  – Ted Cruz.

So, we all need to keep a loaded gun in case our government decides to enslave us. That is why the second amendment was written into Constitution. Not. It was written because the men who wrote it understood that a citizen army was necessary to protect a new nation against a world power with overwhelming forces. It was written so that each state could establish militias for protection, because there was no central government at the time.

And it was written in a time when no one could conceive of a nation armed to the teeth, whose citizens have been goaded into hating a government by the people. In other words, hating themselves. To see pictures of sharpshooters taking aim at government employees trying to do their job is beyond repulsive. It is traitorous. No liberty is protected by such a monstrous act.

No one is taking anything from you. We live in a great nation, one that honors the rule of law. The whole government is built on that great idea. It is not perfect, but it is hardly tyrannical. That idea is the fantasy of fools. There is no tyranny in our government. You are the government.