Sen. Tom Cotton: Gitmo’s Got A Problem

Tom Cotton says Gitmo has a problem. Wait a minute. I know what you’re thinking. The Rule of Law? Due Process? Habeas Corpus? Nope. Occupancy.

The new, and scary Senator from Arkansas has publicly stated that terrorists at Gitmo can ‘rot in hell. ‘ Which seems a bit odd. Tom studied the law at Harvard. He does not seem to have any qualms about indefinite detainment without trial, which is fundamental to our entire legal system. Maybe he was sick the day the discussed it?

Tom’s Google page is full of wonders. We wonder how he became so obsessed with hating Barack Obama.  We wonder how much money he is going to throw at the DOD now that he is on the Senate Armed Services committee. We wonder if all this is bluster, or belief.

From Tom's Google+ page

From Tom’s Google+ page