TN Senator likens Obamacare to ‘train rides’ to death camps

“Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups for Obamacare is like Germans bragging about the number of manditory sign ups for “train rides” for Jews in the 40s.”

Yes, he said that. Tennessee State Senator Stacy Campfield blogged this pearl of wisdom, which is about as twisted a comparison as can possibly be imagined.

Except he is not alone in feeling that any assistance by the federal government is a form of slavery. This convoluted mantra has been spreading on social media for some time. They argument, if one can call it such, is that liberals are enslaving the poor by giving them healthcare, and government cheese, and Section 8 housing. Mr. Campfield should try to live on public assistance.

Stacy Campfield is a home renovator turned politician. His favorite book is the Bible, which he apparently has little time to contemplate. He likes martial arts, and classic movies. He states that his music changes with his mood.

  • Campfield sponsored a bill that would allow people with gun permits to carry them on campuses.
  • He proposed a bill that would limit lottery winnings to $600 dollars if the winner was on public assistance.
  • He sponsored a bill that would issue death certificates to un-born fetuses, and make the number of abortions a woman has a matter of public record.
  • He proposed a bill that would prohibit state colleges from accepting illegal immigrants.
  • He proposed a bill that would ban public school teachers from talking about homosexuality.
  • He is forty five years old, and is un-married.
  • He has been invited to leave several restaurants and functions.

There is a basic belief in conservative circles that the federal government should divest itself of the control that it has; that states are more responsive to the needs of the individual, and that states will become ‘little engines of innovation’. The next time someone tells you this, think of Senator Campfield, and spit on that person’s shoe.


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