Sharia Law, Rubio Style


Whatever you want me to say, it’s okay with me.

When you crawl on your belly to evangelicals, you have to say a lot of things that may come back to bite you on the ass later. Marco Rubio has done just that in an interview with the  Christian Broadcasting Network. Let’s pause and reflect on some of Marco’s Christian pandering.

The Law Of The Land

It’a more of a suggestion of the land, according to Marco, who says that every law, except the laws of Moses, are subject to revision. One court says this is the law, and another disagrees. Your responsibilities as a citizen? God comes first. So, if you don’t agree with Roe v. Wade, go with your heart.

The Rule Of Law

Nothing hard and fast here. We should obey the law, of course, unless it violates your personal faith. Wedding cakes for homosexuals? Bake with Jesus in your heart. Approving gay marriage licenses? What would Jesus Do?

Separation of Church and State

As long as Church comes first. Render unto Caesar, my ass. Jesus is your real representative in Congress, or He should be.

Marco is an attorney, and unless he slept through law school, knows that what he is saying is malarkey. With statements like these, he is abrogating the fundamental tenets of our republic. This is why religious laws are so destructive to the democratic process. Sharia law is religion demanding a free people subject themselves to an arbitrary and capricious set of rules. Marco knows that. Or should.

This is why so many people don’t trust politicians. Anything for a vote.