Showboat? Grandstander?

‘Showboat Jim’ Comey?

The president has stated that James Comey is a grandstander. Let’s think about that for a moment. The presidential version of P. T. Barnum is accusing the most uninteresting man in Washington of grand-standing. The statement is absurd on so many levels, it needs to be understood from the perspective of a man who has spent his life grandstanding. Donald Trump loves to be the center of attention, as long as the attention is reverence. He cannot be impugned in any way. Even imagined criticism is grounds for dismissal, retaliation, and even firing.

So, when The Donald became frustrated and angry at perceived slights by a man who maintained his reserve, and did not kiss the ring of the new leader, Donald Trump saw this as a threat, as someone to be watched.

Dinner with friends

We imagine the Comey-Trump dinner as a bizarre attempt to connect between two people who could not be more different. Trump with his bombast and little recorder (so Nixonian!) name-dropping and generally acting like an ass. Comey trying to smile, but unable to, a man who probably stacks bb’s in neat little pyramids for relaxation on weekends, while he considers natural law and the implications of legal positivism. Trump looking for admiration and seeing nothing. Comey looking for an exit, and the chance to keep his job. It is the blind date from hell.

It was all a lie

The faces of the adminstration poured out to defend the indefensible actions of Dear Leader. Sarah Huckabee Sanders says many FBI employees expressed thanks to her for the firing of James Comey, and then went on to say that she did not know many people at the FBI. So, they told her this personally? That happens a lot. Like never.The Donald says that James Comey had lost all credibility within the department because of his actions regarding Hillary Clinton’s email, actions that he praised at the time. The Donald says that this firing has been in the works since the election, even though he has heaped praise on Comey over the course of his presidency. Mike Pence says this action is the mark of a strong, decisive leader. Kellyanne Conway says, whatever Kellyanne says, all bullshit, all double-speak. And where is Sean Spicer at this moment? Happy to be serving his country in other ways. We imagine that he would gladly defuse IED’s than defuse this turd.

The Truth

Donald Trump stepped in his own poo. He was angry, and perhaps a bit scared. James Comey was getting on his nerves, the nerves of a grandstander who does not like to be upstaged. The Congressional hearings made him even more angry. He reacted impulsively, never considering the implications of his actions. It is the way of bad leaders and cowboys. Shoot first, and blame the consequences on others.

Government is Donald Trump’s problem

What made him angrier still is government itself. He cannot control Washington the way that Vladimir Putin controls Russia. He cannot make his enemies disappear. There are people he can fire, but he his held accountable for his actions. The courts thwart his ridiculous ideas. Congress is a slow-moving beast that over-thinks the Donald’s plan to make us all great again. No one yells ‘Sir, yes sir’ to him. He is not the King.

Frustrated men do not make good leaders

Donald Trump is a frustrated man, beset, in his imagination, by enemies on all sides. He is not a strong, decisive leader. Frustrated men do not make good leaders. They make mistakes, and Donald Trump just made a big one.

Principled men will be the death of us all

James Comey is as much a pain in the ass to Donald Trump as he was to Hillary Clinton. He is a principled man, and in Washington DC, such men do not make friends easily. Was he a showboat, a grandstander? Hardly.