Stuff happens, but not for Jeb Bush

Man up, Jeb. The phrase is ‘shit happens.’ And the shit that happened in Oregon deserves a better response from a person who wants to be president. But, like your fellow candidates, cowering in fear of offending the gun lobby, not much shit is going to happen at all with you in charge. I guess ‘man up’ is too much to ask of you.

It is the same for your campaign. You seem to be lolly-gagging through the process, assured that you will win eventually just because you are Jeb Bush. Bob Dole had that same attitude. So did your dad. It’s my turn to be President. I don’t really have a plan, or a vision, or anything. Stuff just happens. Whatta ya gonna do?

You also have that Mitt Romney look, the one that says in big letters that you cannot be trusted. Every time you smile it seems like you are covering up a half-truth, saying the usual jive that you need to say to get elected. Shit happens, Jeb. Ask Mitt. When you say what you said after Oregon, you don’t sound presidential. You don’t sound like you even care. You don’t sound like you get it. You sound like a man running for president just because, well, because shit happens.