Ted Cruz Votes For Donald Trump

Lowering the bar once more, Ted Cruz voted refused to vote for an amendment against barring people from entering this country based on their religious preferences. He called the amendment a political gesture. Ironically, the real reason for his no vote was purely political.

Ted Cruz is waiting for Donald Trump’s campaign to collapse, so that he may swoop in and grab

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, Google User Content

Trump’s supporters. He will then embark on ‘Trump-lite’, which for a seasoned debater is quite easy. Just tone down the rhetoric a bit, while keeping the red-meat crowd salivating. This is politics at its worst. Win at all costs, even if that cost includes your country.

The Constitution

What Donald Trump is saying flies in the face of everything the Constitution stands for, and Ted Cruz is supposed to be an expert on the Constitution. His actions in the Senate would make you think he never read it, or understand the fundamental tenants upon which it was created. That is not true, of course. Ted Cruz knows that what he is opposing flies in the face of everything we are supposed to hold dear. He just doesn’t care.


The first Europeans to arrive here did not come out of a desire for adventure: the first Europeans came to live without fear of retribution for believing what Kings and Popes did not believe. One hundred years later those same feeling found their way into the document we profess to live by. Perhaps Ted was not in class the day this was discussed. If so, perhaps he should review the lectures he missed.

Japanese Americans

We went down this dark path during World War II. We took people of color and put them in concentration camps. (We called them ‘internment’ camps.) We cited national security as the reason. We stated that this population of people had the potential to inflict harm on Americans. It was a national disgrace, one which we are still trying to understand and ask forgiveness.

It’s all about Ted Cruz

This is not about the Constitution, or the rights of man, or religion. This is about Ted Cruz, and the raw political desires that arise from an ego that cannot be slaked. Cruz has made many enemies in Washington thanks to actions like this. He will kick anything and anyone that stands in his way to the gutter if it will promote Ted Cruz. That kind of ruthless competitiveness is considered an asset when you are running for office. It can be a great detriment to leadership once you get there.