Ted Who?

Fox News reports that at this juncture, 2016 belongs to ChrisChristie, Jeb Bush, or Rand Paul.

Of course, they have to beat you-know-who.

The boos at CPAC when Jeb Bush was mentioned did not resonate with likely republican voters, or the fact that Chris Christie was not even invited. The disconnect is beginning to show.

The hard right want a wing-nut that does what they say, no matter how ridiculous. Big business wants a little temperance, no wage increases, and perhaps a tax cut here and there.

And what about the filibustering cowboy who rode into Washington to clean up them nasty democrats?

Many voters can’t rate the possible Republican candidates tested.  In fact, despite his high profile fight against Obamacare last fall, nearly half of voters either have no opinion 13 percent or have never heard of Cruz 33 percent.

Who’s viewed favorably?

  • Bush at 52%
  • Paul at 51%
  • Christie at 46%
  • Cruz at 37%

And who can beat you-know-who? Right now she would win by 8%. But this fight hasn’t even started.


via Fox News Poll: Christie, Bush and Paul are top GOP picks — today — for 2016 | Fox News.

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