What About Texas Tower Whitman Day?

The Texas Legislature named today in honor of Chris Kyle, the sniper made famous by a big fan of the military, Clint Eastwood, who served during the Korean War. At Fort Ord. In California. As a swimming teacher.

He also worked at the NCO Club. So, he’s got that going for him. His movies, while being relatively successful, are thin at best. Characters are one-dimensional. Women even less, basically reflections of the hunk they follow. The literary equivalent can be found in Tom Clancy novels, which continue to be released despite the fact that he can’t sign them anymore. We can be thankful for that.

The history of snipers is not one that is easily rendered into one dimension. It depends on whether they are firing at you, or your enemy. For this reason they have never been elevated to hero status. One man’s sniper is another’s murderer.

The sniper scene in Saving Private Ryan

The sniper scene in Saving Private Ryan