The Beatification of Brian Williams

“When I was Pope, they never treated me as good as they treat this guy…”

Say two Hail Mary’s, and cover the Pope’s visit…

The road to redemption in faux tinsel town is only a hand-job away, and a few month’s on administrative leave. Brian Williams graced us with his MSNBC presence in what can only be described as a papal come-back; he was the Pope’s talking head. The mouth of the holy see.

Brian was muted, and respectful, not the old mouthy Brian, full of pithy comments about anything he could come up with. I am sure the producer warned him against bloviating. So, surrounded by his old chums, it was like nothing ever happened. The television truth, easily corrected on the next broadcast.

And that was it. Redemption, like two Hail Mary’s after a twelve-pack and half the football team. All your sins are forgiven. Lassie, you can come home now.

For those of us gagging in airline sickness bags, this only confirms what we have been saying all along; television journalism needs an exorcism. The demons that plague Fox News have nothing on the ones at 30 Rock, or anywhere else that vapid men and painted woman slip into bustier-like outfits, color their hair, and crawl onto our television sets.  It does not matter what they say. There is no sin that cannot be forgiven. You only need more makeup.