The Daily Insult – 07/10/17

When Does The Lying Stop?

Surrounded by sycophants and slime-balls, Donald Trump endorses lie after lie, and says the press is out to get him. Little wonder. The press never catches anyone in his administration in a truth. Don Jr’s adoption meeting is yet another in a long line of deceit that stretches back to to Trump Taj Mahal. The worst trait of any person is the inability to admit a mistake. It leads to more mistakes, and to blaming others. You learn from failure. But only if you acknowledge it as your fault.


I’m For It Until I’m Agin It

But not to worry. Wait an hour. I’ll be for it again. This man increasingly speaks without thinking. What worries us is that one day he will act without thinking, as he has done so many times before. But no court or Congress will be there to stop him.

Pruitt on water

Clean water is not a right. Nowhere in the constitution does it say anything about clean water. And air. Nothing. We can do what we want. If God gave you asthma, he did so for a purpose. That does not mean businesses have to suffer along with you.

On Falling Far From The Tree

We had a name for kids like this in college.  I am sure that Donald was called the same thing.

Why Science And Good Sense Don’t Matter

Ideology, and the firm belief that what they are doing will make us great again, are the biggest threat we face in the world today.

Juan Grows A Set

Thanks, man. We knew you had them. Glad to see you whip them out and bitch-slap these two.

Let’s Move On

Nothing to see her. Certainly not patriotism.

The Art Of What?

It’s About Hair

Appearance is everything. Substance is optional.