The Dirty, Rotten, Disgusting System

The Donald finds his ticket to the convention

Donald Trump has a new enemy, and he is vowing to wage a furious battle against them. But unlike the barbarians at the gates that he so constantly vilifies,  this enemy is from within.  He has found a whipping boy that he can insult all day long, and not alienate anyone, because by and large, after Cleveland, everyone will hate them.

Blame the party

rncIt’s the Republican National Committee. Donald knows he can’t vilify Latinos and Muslims constantly. People get numb to the hatred of one group. The tactic gets old. The Republican Party has had many scapegoats over the years, but some of Donald Trump’s scapegoats are voters who will sit on their hands in November. What Donald needs is a whipping-boy that anyone can hate, and one that does not vote. He has found one in his own party bosses, and to be truthful, they offered themselves up.

Powerful men in smoke-filled rooms


These people came to cheer; others decided who would win.

The two party system has been around for over a century, and has never been known for it’s virtue in the defense of honest elections. Democrats used to hand out half-pints of cheap whiskey with their party’s candidate emblazoned on the label. Nixon swore that he lost Illinois, and the election, when a surge of Democratic voters suddenly appeared on the Chicago voting rolls. Just enough to put Kennedy over the top in that state. That sounds very plausible in the era of big-machine politics. As political parties evolved, so have a new era of dirty tricks; mixed-race love-children, and swift boats. We have not come a long way. The lows in election history are low, indeed.

What Citizens United hath wrought


Do we really want them to decide?

Citizens United changed party politics. The Citizen’s United decision took money, and power, away from the party elite on both sides. Now candidates like Donald Trump are not beholden to their party, with one exception; those men still control the conventions.

That may not be for long.  If Donald Trump is ripped off in Cleveland, a lot of angry voters are going to remember that he told them this would happen, and they may turn on the party itself.

Reince Priebus and the RNC bosses are right to say the rules are the rules, however, exposing the rules to the voters was the worst thing they could have done. Realizing that all the work and passion people have put into campaigning was, at best, merely a suggestion, is going to leave a bad taste in a lot of mouths long after Cleveland. People are going to want to change the rules, and that further strips the party from what little power they have left. It may end the dirty, rotten, disgusting system.