The Fraud Squad

Israel has one

In Israel, even Bibi Netanyahu can be questioned about questionable lapses in judgement when it comes to politicians accepting favors. Not so in America. It’s etchics, schmethics for your representative. The People’s House would rather work under cover of darkness.   The House Ethics committee has broad powers to oversee the shenanigans of its members. The committee would have been newly tasked with making sure the plants in the building were watered and fed. Not much else.

 Donald Steps In

The monkey-business in Congress has begun. On the first day, and the first order of business. What idiot decided that the first order of business in the House would be to put a cloak over the dirty under-belly of politics, knowing full well that the incoming President rode on platform of swamp draining? Donald Trump started tweeting, and Congress started getting thousands of calls.

Rumor is that Republican icon Blake Farenthold may have been behind the attempt. He is being sued by a former staffer for sexual harassment. Blake was investigated, but never charged with anything. Seems he didn’t like being investigated. The suit was settled out of court. Fancy that.

Between the junkets, the  and afternoon delight, it’s no wonder none of these bills get read.

This is GOP over-reach. They do it every time they get in power. Starting on day one means that Republicans are in a big, gleeful hurry.




Harassment Case Dropped

Harassment Case Settled