The GOP Big Tent

The GOP has a big tent, regardless of what you have heard. It’s so big, no one else can get in.

  • The Tea Party – The most vocal, and some would say the most dangerous wing of the party. They don’t know what they want. They say they want less government, as long as the other guy gets the less. They want to balance the budget, which means cut spending to the bone, except defense, and some even want that cut.  They hate Obamacare, education, taxes, and immigration,  but keep your stinking government hands off my Social Security. Many are old, angry, and afraid of that colored man in the White House.
  • Neo-conservatives – The old Bush gang, rule with an iron fist, never compromise, take what you want. America has dominion over the earth. Push people around and they will respect you. Reason with them, and they will take advantage of you.
  • Business – Make money. Kill the EPA. Defund anything that keeps us from making money. Make more money. Drill baby, drill. Dig coal, grow ethanol, we need tax breaks, and subsidies. We need more defense spending. Let banking be banking. Deregulate everything. Cheap labor rocks. Make more money.
  • Evangelicals – Ending abortion is our only goal. After that, we will tell you how you must live your life. Jesus must be everywhere. Put Jesus in schools, and in every public place. Put Jesus in parks, in cabs, on the subway. This is a Christian nation. We want to be Iran with a crucifix.
  • Libertarians – Leave me alone. Don’t do anything for anybody.  If they get hungry enough, they will work it out. Quit going to war across the world.  It’s not our problem.  The individual is all. If you get sick, tough it out. If you feel threatened, lock and load. You are responsible for yourself. The global economy is no excuse. Learn to forage. Sleep under bridges. If you are strong, you will work it out. Don’t ask the government for anything. Don’t let the government tell you what to do. Taxes are theft. The old will have to take care of themselves.

What is worse, no group fits exactly, they merge and flow into one another, which is hard for legislators. Every decision has to be carefully weighed against each group. So no decision is the best decision, because they all share one common thread; they hate government, even if they don’t understand what that means.

Understand now? The reason Congress cannot get anything done is, whatever you do, it will offend at least one if not many of the big tent people. This is not a party as much as it is a collection of misfits, each trying to push their own narrow agenda. So who wins? Not the American people.