The Huck – Don’t Respond To ‘Trumpies’

Morning Sickness

Mike Huckabee is telling all the other clowns in the car to just ignore Donald Trump. But the Donald keeps tossing out Trumpies.

Trumpies are the little mean-spirited attacks and not-so-subtle digs that Donald Trump dishes out at every rally. He sometimes tosses them at the other party, but mostly at his fellow candidates. Trumpies have dominated the race, and over-shadowed any talk of platforms or positions, except in the most general terms. To date, this campaign is about personal attacks, and none of the other candidates know what to do about them. Donald Trump has sucked all the journalism out of the room, and left the fetid smell of GOP dirty laundry. What a helluva way to start a campaign season.

Donald Trump will not go away

Sound like acting up in the third grade? That’s because it is. Donald is not using his inside voice, and the Huck wants to make this campaign about anything other than the Donald Trump. Good luck with that. You can’t make him stand in the corner when a quarter of the class stands with him. In fact, there are very few choices for the rest of the pack; even less for the voters.

“We need to focus on swimming in our own lane.”

At this swim meet, only one lane is being covered. The rest of the clowns can’t get any me-time with the voters. No one seems interested in what they have to say. True, they aren’t really saying anything of merit. No to Obamacare. No to Iran. Yes to nothing. It all sounds like the same tired slogans that reeked in 2012. Could that be why the candidates are not connecting?

“The dumbest thing people can do is give him more attention.”

But what about the red-meat base that follows Donald around and cheers at whatever he says, no matter how ridiculous it sounds? Are the candidates ready to ignore the base in favor of, well, who exactly? They ran off minorities and women. The can’t win with just the business crowd. They need the very people the Donald has in his pocket. That makes attacking Donald as perilous as ignoring him.

You reap what you sow, and in the case of the GOP, you sow hatred of government, hatred of illegals, hatred of regulations; all hatreds. So now they hate. Congratulate yourselves. The voters have gravitated to the best hater in the field, while the rest scramble to, yes, appear more hateful in order to attract them back.


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