The KKK Took The Donald Away

Donald Trump

I know the Duke of Earl. Good friend of mine. Never heard of this guy David Duke. Donald_Trump_by_Gage_Skidmore

Not hardly. The press and his opponents are making  out Donald Trump’s hesitant disavowal of David Duke to be worse than the Lindberg kidnapping. To his supporters, it is just another hatchet-job by the GOP.

Trump’s followers could care less

It won’t work. Donald’s faithful are already wise to the vicious lies of Trump’s opponents, not to mention the scum of the press. Trump even hints that in his presidency, the press will be subject to libel suits just like common folk. So much for the first amendment.  The Trump voter is not opposing Washington. The Trump voter is fighting to seize control of the GOP. Every perceived lie or half-truth just makes them more determined.

Have a super-sparkly Tuesday, Donald

Today could be Donald Trump’s day. He has four opponents that desperately need a win, and in the case of Ted Cruz in Texas, could be devastated by a loss. And even if the results are mixed, which they will probably not be, the sheer size of the movement for Donald is going to resound for the rest of the campaign.

Conservatives, you built this house.

The Republican party spent the better half of a century convincing pissed-off voters that they would fight for whatever they were pissed-off about. Washington. Abortion. Guns. Immigrants. Shitty jobs. Whatever.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, and the RNC is under siege. They no longer control the purse, and they no longer control the race. And Donald Trump has shown that even if the RNC could control the money, in his case it does not matter. These chickens are out for blood. The RNC be damned.

The GOP is now facing an outright revolt that makes the Tea Party revolution look fair and balanced. And they have few options. A brokered convention will destroy the party. They cannot go there. Neither Cruz nor Rubio will slake the hunger in these people to finally do away with party hacks. Mitt Romney? You’ve got to be kidding. That will split the party in two.

This is a moment that historians will write about for a long time.