The last hope for unseating Hillary

Unable to promote their own candidate, conservatives are resorting to a tried and true method of unseating the opposition. They continue the relentless, and some say futile attempt to find something in the past of Hillary Clinton that can upset her race for the White House. Benghazi, and the subsequent use of a private email server, seems to be their last hope.

Other candidates and sitting members of government have used private email in the past, despite the risk of commingling state information with private correspondence. This has been an accepted practice for over a decade. Private email is not subject to the scrutiny of Congressional investigations, and people in public office do not want their personal thoughts read on capitol hill. But keeping personal email separate from official correspondence is difficult.

Conservatives have yet to find any smoking gun in the thousands of emails that have been sent to them under subpoena by Congress, and many disputable facts about Hillary Clinton’s private server have become routine talking points. Many insist that the email server was hacked, when there is no evidence of such a break-in. Other allegations insist that sensitive or even secret information was sent using this private account.

Email servers at the State Department have been attacked, and there is no definitive statement by the government that information was not stolen in these incidents. The private email server of Hillary Clinton may have been probed, but there is no indication that information was stolen.

This leaves conservatives grasping at straws. They insist the reason they have never found a smoking gun is that all the incriminating information has been destroyed, but the sheer volume of data collected and reviewed seems to indicate otherwise. Progressives and members of the Clinton staff call this a witch hunt.

Voters are suspicious of both candidates for president in this election, and have a jaundiced view of government in general. Allegations like those facing Hillary Clinton will continue throughout this campaign.