The Lure Of Ben Carson

Ben Carson is appearing a lot on Fox News. Here’s why:

The other clowns are lackluster at best

  • Chris Christie has become America’s favorite goombah, yelling at citizens as if they were reporters. Everyone is leaving his state.
  • Rand Paul can’t face Kelly Evans. What’s he gonna do when the real dogs of political correspondence descend on him?
  • Marco Rubio’s handlers keep trying to pull his thumb out of his mouth, but every time they do, he says something uninspiring.
  • Scott Walker will energize the base; of the Democratic party, that is. Labor will stop at nothing to destroy him.
  • Jeb Bush is a Bush. Even his mom wants to see someone different in office.

There is very little wow-factor in any of them.

Now consider Ben Carson.

  • He echoes the same anti-government, pro-individual philosophy that the base loves. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps. Nanny government is making people lazy.
  • He’s a doctor, and everyone knows that medical doctors are brilliant, god-like even. Americans revere their doctors.
  • He acts presidential. He may think just like the biggest nut on the right, but he doesn’t act like one. Remember W, the kinder, gentler conservative? He was neither kind, nor gentle, but he acted like he was. Carson can fool the middle, and that is something no one else but Jeb can do right now.

Fox News recognizes that Ben Carson is easy on the eyes, and on the brain. He comes off measured, and not wing-nutty. He comes off like Barack Obama, but from the right.

Finally, consider the Hillary Clinton factor.

  • Having someone like Chris Christie attack her in an interview would end badly, like beating up women everywhere.
  • She is smart. She has a better grasp of this game than perhaps anyone on the other side.
  • She has Bill, probably the finest political operator ever. As a team, they are formidable.

No matter who the right picks, they know this is going to be a helluva battle.

A Hillary Clinton versus Ben Carson battle might be the best shot at making the middle waffle, and the GOP knows that they cannot win without the middle.

Did I mention he is black?