The Man From Hopeless

If Bill Clinton was the man from Hope, is Mike Huckabee the man from hopeless? Well, consider that Bill Clinton had very little in the way of a political machine, or money when he first ran for president. The Huck is actually starting off a bit better. He has national recognition. The Fox News crowd loves him. His television show drew the lunatic faithful to him. Evangelicals think he is swell. And he can tout his stint as Governor. Hillary never ran anything, except State, and you know what the right is saying about that. Huckabee can carry the family values voters.

What Huckabee cannot do is erase all of the lunatic comments he has made about trashy New York women, how America has become the Devil’s playground, and Barack Obama’s Kenyan roots. And there are many, many, more. Huck shoots from the hip, and a lot of the things that come out of his mouth should exit from another opening.

Maybe that is okay with the Huck. He may be convinced that an evangelical groundswell will lift him up to the highest office in the land, subservient of course, to that highest office-holder in the sky. An awakening of true Christian morality across the land, in which the burka-ridden will depart, (the Mormons too, we all know about them) and from Golgotha will rise New Canaan. No, not the town in Connecticut full of heathen Democrats Think more of a family fun park with pillories in the town square, right next to the only gathering place in town; a church. Huck knows we were better off when everyone was called ‘goody’ this and ‘goody’ that, and cleansing evil spirits usually meant building a fire.

Rolling Stone