The Manafort Challenge

Corey Lewandowski, aka ‘The Dowsk’ is off the campaign trail, as Donald Trump does indeed try to pivot. This is going to be real interesting. Or not, depending on the yawn factor that comes from a scripted Donald Trump. Nothing interesting here, folks. Just move on quietly.

Paul Manafort should take note. He was fired a while back when he tried to change the Donald’s course. It can happen again. This time they may let him go.

Trying to pivot a loose cannon is not as easy as it looks. And almost immediately, Donald could see that the throngs of red-meat republicans were not buying the new, improved, pivoted Donald. And that is Manafort’s problem.

When the Donald is not ranting, he is fairly boring. Really boring. If nothing sensational is coming out of this mouth, there is not much to listen to. Explaining the how of the Make America Great Again strategy is not an option, because there is no how.

Trying to temper his outbursts in order to make him more appealing to a mass audience won’t work. And as soon as he tries to backtrack, the faithful are going to start bitching. They want a man who tells it like it is. Like it is if you have only a marginal understanding of the facts. When you get to words that Donald has never uttered, like how he intends to make everything great, then all the hyperbole becomes muddled in questions the candidate has never even considered. Donald doesn’t cook the bacon. Donald sells the sizzle.

Donald is a promoter. He tells the clients how great it is going to be when he manages the deal, but he never tells them how. And when the client finally realizes it is not going to be great, Donald is gone, working with his new clients, telling them how great the deal is going to be.

As long as Paul Manafort can keep his candidate working America like he so deftly works his other clients, everything will be okay. As long as the vision, the deal, continues to look great until November. As long as no one asks how.

Make no mistake. Donald Trump could win this one.