The Mother Of All Bad Moves

The Mother of All Bombs was dropped on 36 Afghani fighters in the Mother Of All Bad Ideas, orchestrated by the Mother Of All Bad Leaders. And as we steam into the waters near North Korea, far more serious mistakes an occur.

The result of  the MOAB strike?

Condemnation by many, a feeling that our leader is out of control. Yes, some say that this rattling of sabres is a ploy to throw our enemies off-balance, and send a message to our allies that America is back, after eight years of namby-pamby leadership under Barack Obama. The truth may be quite different. In Syria, the bombed Syrian airbase is once again doing good service in the support of Bashar al Assad. In Afghanistan, we are unsure of the impact of this bombing. Thirty six grunts, or leaders of the resistance? The result of these attacks is minimal.

Do you feel better? ISIS has to be feeling great

This is manna from heaven for so many, as feel-good strikes across the world encourage our enemies, stimulate terrorist recruitment drives, and encourage more outrageous acts to goad us into dropping more and bigger bombs.

Bigger bombs make for bigger collateral damage

Strategic drone strikes have killed a lot innocent people. What will be the impact of the move to bigger ordinance, and more of it? More collateral damage, the kind our enemies use effectively to turn local populations against the US.

Scare them into submission

We can no longer scare our enemies. That quit working decades ago.  Using aggression to scare the likes of ISIS is futile, and perhaps even encourages them. Using aggression to scare Kim Jung Un is dangerous. The Dear Leader of North Korea is unhinged. Hemay even be scorched-earth crazy. Seoul is too close. If he does something stupid, Kim could hurt a lot of people, and destabilize the entire region. His actions could trigger larger players to respond. We don’t want a shooting war with China. We have enough guns pointed at us.