The New Scalia Conspiracy

Murder, Breitbart Wrote?

Antonin Scalia could not have expired at a better time; for conspiracy nuts, that is. Benghazi is a dead-end. The Hillary emails don’t seem to excite anyone but Fox News. The great white hope of the GOP has orange hair. And President Barack Obama was on the west coast. Of course he flew in under cover of darkness and strangled Justice Scalia in his bed. He probably set the charges that took down the World Trade Center too. To the readers of Breit-Farts, it does not matter how ridiculous an idea is if you really want to believe it is true. And they do. Badly.

It’s All About Comorbidities

The nut-jobs will never admit that Barack Obama did not put a pillow over Nino’s head. Truth is, comorbidities end us all, and Scalia had the ones common to Italian Americans. A love of rich food. A rotund stature. Too many birthdays. He will be missed if only for his outrageous comments coming from a body of government that is anything but outrageous.

As to the future of originalist interpretations of the constitution? We find it hard to believe that a person living in the twenty-first century has a complete understanding of what was going on in the mind of a man in eighteenth century. And whatever they were thinking, we should not be shackled to ideas that are outmoded, and un-suited to the times in which we live.