The Next Great War Will Be Fought In The Market

The US continues to lead the world in advanced armaments, and in defense spending, even though the next great war has already begun, and no one is going to fire a shot. The battle is being held in the market. The war is for economic superiority.

The war we are fighting now is purely economic. The bullets are trained workers. And we don’t have enough of them. Our workforce is not sufficiently educated. Our infrastructure is inefficient, and aging. Our debt is too high. The solution is not another stealth bomber, or F-35, or any of the other sophisticated weapons that the military wants. These projects are incredibly expensive, and take away from the tools we really need to win this marketplace war.

Those who spread the fear, uncertainty, and dread, will say that if our military does not keep up, we are throwing caution to the wind. The cite Russia and ISIL as examples of the imminent danger lurking in our future. They insist we prepare for the war our fathers fought. That war is not coming.

In a global economic society, it would be sheer madness to start another World War II. We do business with our rivals. We depend on each other. We make their jets. They make our televisions. We will disagree, but any wound to the other wounds us.

The ISIL’s and the Talibans,  the religious mad men, and rogue nations like North Korea, may require boots on the ground, but in a way far different from Omaha beach. Technology has already failed in the face of insurgency. Those wars are fought with blood, not with sophisticated technology. The only war that stealth bombers prepare for is a Russian invasion through the Fulda Gap. That will never happen in our world.

We win the economic war in the market place of ideas. To do that, we need talent. We need a plan that reaches into the next century. We need educated immigrants. We need the best schools, and roads, and doctors, and teachers. We need a Defense Department that knows how to fight an economic war, and not just purchase neat toys.