The Race Goes On

Except for Marco Rubio, everyone won something last night. And that is a problem. The fight for the nomination continues on, with no resolution in sight.

Allegations that he once again used dirty tricks against his opponents are surfacing again


Me? A sneaky little weasel? Of course not! (from


for Ted Cruz. Regardless, on the Republican side, this is fast becoming a two-man race. Sadly for what is called the mainstream republicans, the wrong two men are in the lead. Twitter messages are calling Ted Cruz the real constitutional conservative. They are calling Donald Trump the answer to our failing government. The talking heads are already wondering how Donald will work with Paul Ryan? Given his style so far, will he try to run over him? Donald is a con-man first. That may be an effective governing style in a fractured Congress. What wondrous days these are; we are contemplating the first reality TV presidency.  This is no Ronald Reagan, folks.

On the other side, Sanders eeks out a win, and seems determined to take this race to the


Socialism now, socialism tomorrow, socialism forever! (

convention. His appeal to working class voters is much about sour trade deals. A lot of folks believe that the root cause of our losing all those manufacturing jobs in rust-belt was NAFTA. Not true, unfortunately. The global economy is a different ball-game. Donald Trump also promises he will level that playing field. It won’t work. Protectionism by another name.

More agonizing debates. Shrill men making hollow statements that have nothing to do with government. Rubio must be sitting in a dark room thinking deep thoughts about the deep shit he is in. Cruz is standing before a mirror admiring himself. Hillary wondering if she will ever get a break. Trump wondering why Cruz’s hands are so small. The race goes on.