The Return of Bushisms?

Let us welcome the return of Bushisms, things that come out of the mouths of Bush men like a thousand points of light, all going in opposite directions. The difference is that the new Bushisms are not that humorous. They are mostly contradictory, on immigration, the Iraq War, and healthcare. The indicate that the candidate who is not running, has no idea where he stands on most issues, and that he intends to keep it that way.

Perhaps we need reminding that among the elite of America there are people who have no idea what is going on, and among that group, there are the Bush candidates for president. Get ready to enjoy more words of wisdom that stun. Jeb Bush is just beginning to not run for president.

That is not to say that a host of other candidates do know what is going on. It is simply to remind the voters. ‘Junior’ Bush bumbled onto the political landscape. Jeb is lurching out of the gate nicely. But with good handlers, there is every chance he will take the oath of office, just like his kin.

Bushisms by Jacob Weisberg