The War On The Poor Continues

The illusion that people on welfare are mostly shiftless drug users on a free ride is one of the GOP’s longest standing lies, going back to the Reagan southern strategy. Poor people, mostly black,  have kids in the backs of Cadillacs to get more government money, live in free housing, and party on their monthly government check. It is a gross lie. And it works. A large part of the GOP faithful believe it to this day, even though statistics contradict all if it. Now Tennessee authorities report drug use appears to be minimal. Nevertheless, the war on the poor continues.

So, what about testing the Tennessee legislature, and see if their numbers are lower?

This from Think Progress.

Less than one half of one percent of Tennesseeans who applied for public assistance flunked a drug test in the first six months of the state’s experiment with drug screenings for welfare recipients, according to recently released state figures.

via Tennessee’s Drug Tests Of Welfare Recipients Find 37 Drug Users | ThinkProgress.