Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone…

John Boehner needs someone to throw him a frickin’ bone. Will Barack Obama throw him one? With polls now solidly against the shutdown, and the folks back home re-considering the Tea Party franchise, it has become uncomfortable in the House.

Business Republicans are getting vocal. Enough of this nonsense. We aren’t getting anywhere and sales just tanked. Some moderate Republicans are getting lots of mail urging them to run. Suddenly the power of Tea Party radicals is not as menacing.  Suddenly Jim DeMint is not the only game in town.

House Republicans are beginning to say the four-letter word. Vote. And Barack Obama is calling Boehner out. If you don’t have the votes, prove it. The word is a clean resolution will squeak by if the vote is public, and roar if the vote could be held in private. And Boehner’s pandering to the hard right seems like a big mistake, one that may be his problem. In other words, he deserted us, so we can desert him.

States like Virginia, a stalwart member of the hard conservative right, just looked around and realized that a lot people work for the government, and they vote, and they are not happy. When Ted Cruz rolled into town to spread the joy with Ken Cuccinelli,  the Cooch was decidedly cool. No warm showers with this guy, not with a few hundred thousand federal workers in Virginia sitting around pissed at him.

Sentiment is moving away from the Republicans. And they know it.