Time for the Veto Pen?

He’s a better man than I, Gunga Din. The most Mitch McConnell would have gotten from me was a handful of spit. But Barack Obama did not do that. He offered, as he has so often in the past, to work with Congress. A lot of good it did him.
He was immediately rewarded with a warning from John Boehner not to do anything about immigration until the next session of Congress convenes, as if by some miracle, Congress would suddenly start acting like adults. That remains to be seen.
A good start would be to send Boehner back to the floor to represent his district, hopefully better than he represents the country as Speaker. Probably not, but there are rumblings. The one thing we cannot expect is a lot of soul-searching from anyone on the Hill. You have to have one, and a walk through the ocean of Congressional souls, you know.
So be prepared for more Obamacare repeals, hearings on anything, and budget hijinks. We can hope for better, but hope is not a plan, and to date, we haven’t heard one of those.