Tom Cotton: We shouldn’t be ashamed of the Iraq War |

We should, however, be ashamed of Tom Cotton. Ideological fanaticism comes in many forms, but rarely do we see such extremes as in the case of the senator from Arkansas. The rigid, unbending stare of the senator speaks volumes about the man within, the man who once called for the prosecution of journalists for espionage. A serious hawk with deep ties to Israel, he has meddled in foreign affairs with the deft touch of a cage fighter, writing threatening letters to Iran, extolling the virtues of bombing other countries, and now saying that we should not be ashamed of the Iraq War.

Any soldier who fought bravely and honorably in Iraq should be proud of their service. That does not mean that Americans who understand the failed policies of neoconservatives should be proud of the fact that we destroyed a country and destabilized a region for no real reason. And that ISIS would not be in ascendency were it not for our mistakes.

The fanatic sees absolute truths where there are none.

Tom Cotton, the Iraq war veteran from Arkansas turned Republican senator, has a message to fellow soldiers: “We should not be ashamed of the war we conducted in Iraq.”

Source: Tom Cotton: We shouldn’t be ashamed of the Iraq War |

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