Trump has inspired the Latino vote

Donald Trump’s wall has generated a lot of enthusiasm with his base. It has also motivated Latino’s to come out in record numbers.


With numbers coming in that indicate the Latino voters have swelled the voter rolls by over 100 percent, it appears that Donald Trump may have awoken two sleeping giants. One is the disgruntled white voters who fear the rising tide of non-whites coming into their communities and taking their jobs. The other is a vast untapped resource of Latino voters who are fairly conservative in their attitudes, but opposed to the rhetoric of the candidate, who has damaged the image of the #GOP across Florida. And across the nation.

North Carolina

And not only in Florida. Latino’s are expected to be a force in the western states, and Florida has long been a location where Latino’s have gravitated, but this trend is also being seen along the eastern seaboard. North Carolina polls are seeing a large hispanic turnout.

Pollsters don’t follow this sector carefully, but you can bet that in four years, there will be a lot more attention paid to these voters.