Trump Steps In It

Was Rafael on the grassy knoll?

Enquiring minds want to know. No, he was not, Donald. Try reading a decent paper.

Hail Mary Bernie

Fighters never know when to quit. Bernie is a fighter, and a noble soul.

Are evangelicals following Trump out of economic fears?

Perhaps they are tired of being screwed over by Republicans who promise the moon and cannot deliver.

Hillary’s King Coal Moment

She probably did the right thing politically, but it would be nice if someone finally said it:

  • Coal is poisonous to mine, use, and dispose of the waste it produces
  • Contrary to Paul Ryan’s foolish comments, there is no such thing as clean coal
  • We don’t want people destroying mountains for coal
  • We don’t want another century of coal-miners suffering for coal mine owners
  • We don’t want black water and tailing ponds

We want clean energy, and jobs that don’t kill people.