Trump’s Golden Rule Number 1

Accuse your opponent of anything you are guilty of.

A lot of the more sleazy politicians know and use this trick, Donald Trump turned it into an art form. It takes a lot of nerve to blame Ford for moving a factory to Mexico while sitting on your signature line of clothing that is made in China. Of course, we don’t for a minute believe that Donald would wear his line. Bespoke suits adorn this man. The chump line is for you.

Donald’s clothing line is made in China. So why can’t Ford’s be made in Mexico?

We have heard no explanation. Donald Trump runs a small empire that does business in every corner of the world, and employing Americans does not seem to be a priority. Even when he develops property here, he buys steel from China. But that is not supposed to matter to Ford or GM. Donald can make shrewd business decisions. He can avoid paying taxes. That is being smart. Ford and GM are merely being un-American. We don’t see the difference.

The death of textiles in the US

The southeastern US used to have a thriving textile industry that is now a poster-child for the failure of manufacturing in the US. Content to sit on their profits, none of the mills even considered the impact of making t-shirts in Costa Rica until we made no t-shirts in America at all. The rest of the industry followed, and when the same manufacturing plants moved to China, lots of towns in the South were left with empty and deserted shops. A huge industry that employed thousands of workers simply disappeared.

Ivanka’s clothing line is manufactured in, you guessed it, China.

Apple iPhones are shipped from China. So are all TV’s. Do we impose tariffs on companies that import to us, or just the ones that Donald Trump makes an example of for political purposes. And when is he going to impose big tariffs on Ivanka’s chinese manufacturers?


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