Is the Dating Site for Trump Supporters — Fortune

Are you a Donald Trump Republican in heat? If so, you may be having a lot of trouble finding suitable partners with that certain panache, and a full set of teeth. Even more so since they kicked you out of Farmers Only, but hey, nowhere on the registration page  does it say that farm animals were untouchable, so like Donald, the misunderstanding is on the part of the other party. You are blameless. It still leaves you without a date for Cleveland. Well, not anymore. Finally, a site for the discriminating bachelor or bachelorette who likes to build walls, and romance. Hispanics need not apply!

This from Fortune!

Apparently it’s hard to find love if you support Donald Trump. That was the idea behind David Goss’s decision to launch, a dating website for Trump supporters. The 35-year-old told the New York Post that he had heard horror stories of dates gone awry when the subject of politics comes up, including one woman…

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