Ukraine, and Beer

We did nothing

It was not a Prague Spring, no thanks to the U.S. We uttered empty words, then. We utter them now. What else can we do? Finally, it took enough blood and tweets to force Yanucovych to walk, but this dance is far from over.

  • Scenario one is this uprising creates a civil war between east and west in the country.
  • Scneario two is this uprising unites the country.
  • Scenario three is the country splits.

Regardless, we will stay the course.

Saturday in Kiev

Stand your bar

Georgia follows South Carolina in a move that is sure to cause more misery for young people out partying in bars. You don’t have to worry about getting shot in the street going home. Now you can die with a drink in your hand. And the wait staff can enjoy a low-paying job that may kill them. And we just banned smoking in bars.

Bring your gun to church. It’s perfectly legal in Georgia.

Beer and Blood

North Carolina

South Carolina