Victims Blamed In Charleston Shooting

What more disgusting comment can be made by a board member of the NRA? Do we make old people carry guns to church? What about the kids in Sandy Hook? When do we arm the children?

The problem is hand guns and it has always been hand guns. They are the preferred weapon of choice for cowards and fools. Cowards who take out their madness and anger on innocent people. Fools who believe that having a gun keeps them safe. It is a lie,  proven every day in the deaths of innocent children and spouses. Now, in the deaths of a bible study group that met on a Wednesday night, and invited a monster into their midst.

Guns make no sense. More guns make even less sense. America should be a gun-free zone. Hand guns should be outlawed.

One comment on “Victims Blamed In Charleston Shooting

  1. John June 21, 2015 12:09 pm

    Guns seriously harm the society.
    If you are a gun man and you keep
    that gun some place at home, chances are, one day your little kid is
    going to play with it and get her two year old brother hurt or even
    killed, or even a relative killing another relative out of nowhere!
    A Big problem in our Country/Guns