Virginia is for lovers…

There’s a good reason for having a strong federal government. Sleazy state governments. But what VA Governor Bob McDonnell hath wrought is the stuff of legend.

Rich donors lavishing gifts on a first lady with a spending problem. Steamy hots and forbidden love. Or, something like that, we aren’t sure. One side of the love triangle insists it was ‘strictly business’. And finally, a defense argument that ranks up there with Flip Wilson saying “the devil made me do it.”

The reasoning and motivations of these people make the cast of Jersey Shore look mature. And so it is with state governments. When you can’t step up to the majors, you stay at the state level, because anyone can make it there.

Bob and Maureen aren’t any different from a dozen other leaders of the small engines of innovation. They just got caught doing it. Recall that Bob was building strong creds for a run at the White House. Which points out a tragic flaw of democracy. Anyone can be president.